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One Girl Against 25 Guys


Cast: One girl and 25 guys

Description: A viewer reviewed this video for us:
Dolby Digital
High Relosution
Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Photo Gallery
Length: 1 hr. 42 mins.
DVD Encoding: All Regions
Gangbang: 1 Girl, 25 Guys
Condoms: NO
Cum Shots: Internal, Semi-internal, swallowing (real and confirmed)
Objects Used: Speculum, Funnel, Champagne Glass, Clear tube

Review by Ejac

I purchased this DVD with a lot of skepticism. In my opinion most gangbang videos are pretty much the same. Too often the titles and production companies change but the content seldom does. Knowing that somewhere in the world somebody must have the same vision of a gangbang as mine I kept on searching. Well, it payed off.

The DVD is broken down into 18 chapters, helpful for wankers who like to skip to their favorite parts. The lighting and all other technical aspects are first rate. In fact, if the production date wasn't noted in the opening credits you would have never known that this was actually filmed before 1995 (DVD release date is 2001).

I dropped the DVD into my new player and watched it on a 42 inch wide screen TV (full screen). Wow - even the newest of companies have a difficult time putting out quality this damned good!

The star of the video is a very hot Asian chick (FantaDream failed to include her name in the credits) who appears to be in her very early 20's. She's not as thin as a runway model, still she has beautiful perky all-natural B-cup tits and very nice legs. Her body is on the thin side compared to most of the porn chicks out there today, but still about 10 pounds heavy for my personal taste. With absolutely no tattoos or piercing she wears black fish-net stockings through-out the vid which is indeed an added bonus. She has beautiful natural, long brown hair.

I prefer my chicks pussies to be totally shaven, however this Asian chick is not. But don't fret - she keeps it very well groomed, and for this particular vid it works out for the very best. Just the right amount of pubic hair is present to keep the sperm right where it belongs - all over her snatch! [I'm now re-thinking my preference for totally shaven pussy.]

A legitimate number of 25 guys help to put the flick into motion. A couple of guys have smaller cocks, but most are pretty good average sized while some are even larger. But who cares about the guys? Their only purpose is to supply sperm and they do a very good job of it! You never hear the guys barking orders or saying the same repetitious things as you do in American vids. The focus is on the chick and NOT on the guys. For those that are curious there are no fat guys or grandpa's to spoil the heat.

Side note: The background music, which I would consider laid back retro-jazz, was not distracting at all. Every once in a while it would change rhythm to break things up a bit. It actually added a little sophisticated heat to the video making it very enjoyable to listen to.

Chapter 1: Sort of shy at first the Asian girl is kneeling in the middle of a room on a large vinyl mat. She waves HI and begins to suck some guys smallish cock. Later, he has some difficulty trying to get it into the chicks very tight snatch, but he doesn't give up.

Chapter 2: Laying on her back in missionary, the Asian chick sucks another cock while the first guy fucks her and delivers the first load directly into her pussy. Now, the gangbang begins! Lots of close-ups, confirmed semi-internals and re-insertions. As she's getting fucked fast and hard (mish) her perky B-cup titties are bouncing up and down at a rate of about 5 times per second. This chicks pussy is plastered with jizz and this is before chapter 3 even begins!

Chapter 3: Switches to doggy position and the cocks are getting larger. [Maybe the first couple of small cocks were there to get her warmed up?] This chick loves to suck cock! Cum drips from her pussy and onto the mat. Back into missionary she takes a couple of more inside pops and lets it drip into a champagne glass. Noticing that some of the sperm is on the mat she manages to scoop it into the glass using her fingers. Gulp number 1 down the hatch!

Chapter 4: Doggy style again but never stops sucking. These guys don't give a rats ass about making a vid - they are here to breed. Fast, slow, whatever it takes to get off. This is fucking at its finest. This Asian chick has the same thing in mind. She rolls back and forth helping the guys get their rocks off. Another guy spunks inside of her pussy, but before he withdrawals, he puts the champagne glass under her pussy (mish). As he pulls out the cum fills the glass. Another guy hops on (missionary) and plugs away.

Chapter 5: She's sucking 2 cocks while getting fucked (missionary) legs pulled back. She inserts her fingers into her pussy to extract everything that's in there and guides it into the glass. The camera shows us the healthy loads as she downs it all in one swallow. More cum fills her pussy in doggy and missionary as she continues to suck more cock.

Chapter 6: This Asian chicks pussy is a work of art! The camera man does justice by doing lots of close-ups of her tight but gaping snatch as the sperm runs out of her and into the glass.

Chapter 7: Guys are still pounding away while getting blow jobs. One guy gets a little overly excited and blows into her mouth, but she keeps sucking after the swallow. Now she's getting DP'd (doggy).

Chapter 8: She turns back around to get another guys thick cock even harder with tongue flicking and deep throating. More guys take turns getting blowjobs and fucking.

Chapter 9: Taking a few more loads in her pussy (doggy) some guy puts the glass of semen under her pussy again to let more sperm flow into it. It is so refreshing NOT to see belly flab hanging when the girl is in doggy. This chicks body rocks! Back into mish for another deposit. The glass is filling up very, very nicely! While using her fingers to extract more sperm from her pussy and into the glass she pulls out a thick stringy load, raises it to her mouth a swallows it.

The Asian chick takes hold of the glass of semen and puts it to her lips. A little hesitant she moves the glass back away from her lips. She swirls the glass and puts it to her lips again, still with hesitancy. She manages to pour the entire contents into her mouth and gargles, but just can't seem to get it down. So instead she swishes it like mouthwash and lets it run over her lips back into the glass. The semen turns a little frothy but it's still runny enough. She pours the contents back into her mouth, swishes, then gargles once again. Back into the glass the semen goes.

Not able to swallow the huge volume of sperm, some guy takes a very wide clear plastic funnel and inserts it deep (three to four inches) into the chicks still tight pussy. The semen is poured into the funnel but it's so frothy that it just stays in the funnel without flowing down. The chick uses one of her fingers to force the semen down into the narrowed part of the funnel.

Chapter 10: The chick taps on the sides of the funnel in order to get the semen to flow into her pussy. It's not working too well so another guy immediately puts the glass back under her pussy so as not to waste a drop. It's as if the inside of her vagina is too tight and is making like a stopper for the inserted end of the funnel. He pulls the funnel out of her pussy and places it over the glass to re-collect the mixture of sperm. The chick spreads her pussy lips apart but the remaining froth still won't flow into her. Her labia is drenched with sperm.

The semen seems to be settling down a little (like the fizz from a bottle of Coke), so the guy puts the funnel back into her pussy for another try. Someone else realizes that it won't work because her vaginal canal is just too tight for the sperm to run into.

A brilliant idea occurs! He brings out a speculum and carefully inserts it into the chicks tight cunt. Beautiful camera close-ups! The girl indicates to go slower and to be more careful. After the long awaited insertion the guy slowly turns the adjustment wheel creating a very nice, respectable gape.

Finally the speculum is fully inserted and spread to its maximum girth. Next, the funnel is lowered over the speculum. The sperm that has settled to it's original slimy state slides down the funnel, into the speculum and splashes her insides. But the frothy semen in the funnel still won't rush down into her pussy.

A number of guys help out once again by blowing more ejaculate from their cocks directly into the funnel. Heavy loads and perfect targets rush into her vaginal canal. The fresh wet jizz helps the frothy sperm flow down the funnel (all direct close-ups by the way).

Chapter 11: The chick is still sucking cock while load after load is shot into the funnel/speculum gaped cunt. The funnel gets removed from her pussy but the guys are far from finished yet. They now take turns shooting directly into her speculum-filled pussy. The chick is very careful to keep her knees toward her shoulders in order to keep the sperm from rushing out. And, not a drop leaked out! A couple of more long camera close-ups display how large the pool of baby-batter is in her canal. Still, more guys fill her snatch.

Chapter 12: Someone hands the chick a clear tube and she inserts it into her speculum-filled pussy. Sucking, she fills her mouth with the incubated sperm and orally pours it into the glass. More suctioning from her pussy, into her mouth and into the glass. A third suction job while she wiggles the tube around inside her pussy and into the glass. Incredible!

She then pours the entire contents of the glass back into her pussy and taps the side of the funnel for good measure. Back to sucking it all out again. One mouthful, two mouthfuls, 3 mouthfuls!

The chick hesitates while raising the glass of sperm to her lips. Still uncertain about swallowing it she shows us the volume that's in her mouth and swishes. She pours it from her mouth back into the glass again. The glass is three quarters full of semen - there's a lot! One more look at the guys with those beautiful Bambi eyes, she raises the glass in a weak attempt at a salute, and pours it all back into her mouth. SWALLOW! Not a drop leaked out! Once it's all in her tummy, she licks the glass so clean inside and out that it can be put back on the shelf. She opens her mouth for everyone to see and then proceeds to suck yet another cock!

Chapter 13: One guy carefully un-screws the speculum and slowly removes it from her cunt (yep - still close-up). Even after the removal semen is still running out of her crack. She licks the speculum totally clean.

Breast and nipple fondling follow while 3 guys caress this beautiful girls body. 2 guys spread her pussy and emphatically flick her clit to help get her off. How polite. She lies back down on the mat again and starts sucking a large cock.

Chapter 14: Guys are doing everything to get her off. Lots of body caressing and fondling. She continues to suck cock.

Chapter 15: Lots of cock sucking with simultaneous hand jobs.

Chapter 16: The guys decide they need to fuck her tight pussy again with some DP.

Chapter 17: Load shot straight into her mouth while getting fucked. Another internal pop. She reaches her fingers in and feeds the ejaculate to herself. The chick dripped a little on the vinyl mat so she gets on her hands and knees to lick it up. Some guy takes that as an invitation to fuck her from behind, then to a standing doggy. RC follows.

Chapter 18: Quick DP. All of the sperm that was collected was put into the glass. Chick gets the funnel treatment again, this time without the speculum. But rather than let her froth the fresh semen, it is poured directly into the funnel. Every bit of sperm slides deep inside her cunt. The chick snakes the clear plastic hose into the funnel deep inside her pussy, sucks and swallows. A few strings of sperm remain on her hands which she licks off.

Outstanding video! This young Asian girl was not afraid to do anything. She has an extremely hot body and knew how to use it! There were absolutely NO clean-ups between guys and there were NO cuts during the entire video. The camera man was right on every shot, knew the perfect angles and focused almost entirely on the chick. Even the music was pleasant to listen to! [American vids seem to use ear-crushing brain-washing crap that grinds on the nerves.] Most American gangbang vids give the illusion of hardcore by making the actors/actresses move very quickly from one position to another, or by using hard language for emphasis. But One Girl Against 25 Guys is so much more than that. The actual sex is hardcore, the actors and this actress move at their own pace to build up the heat, allowing the camera to get every detailed shot close up. Furthermore, most American chicks would never allow even one fourth the number of guys to do the things these 25 guys did to this Asian chick. Finding a hot, young, tight bodied American chick would be near impossible! I doubt the American companies would even allow it!

There isn't one American vid (or foreign for that matter) that comes even close to this one!

If you like gangbangs with extreme hardcore jizz play, get this video! You will NOT be disappointed.

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