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Amazing Ty 11: Strollin' With My Colin


This video has about 8 anal creampies and the guys use a suction device to suck out the dirty cum and they store it in a jar. Thereafter the 3 black guys send the girl home to hubby with a jar full of shitty cum. Very nasty!

The Most Severe DPs Ever Filmed

This is AmazingTy's nastiest video to date. She has gotten to know these three biggest hung of my black videostuds pretty well and they have her figured out. They know she loves to submit to big black cock and that she will let them do ANYTHING to her in order for her to get to their big fat black dicks. The guys double team her in a big way dealing out the severest anal double fucking I have ever seen. They cum over and over, preferring to use her mangled asshole for their cumdump, but the dirtiest thing about this tape is that they use a suction device to extract every load they deposit in her slut asshole and then collect it a jar.

Lots of Black Sperm Suctioned From Her Ass

It isn't long before the guys decide to further her humiliation by telling her that they are saving the cum for her to take home to her hubby. The scum starts to build up in the jar. It is some vile nasty brown color and they continue to add to it periodically as they never stopped ravaging her holes, using big unusual dildos and toys when their dicks got tired... but it they manage to cum many times inside her only to suck it back out and store it in the "jar".

They Send All The Cum Suctioned Out Of Her Ass Back To Hubby!

It was beginning to get disgusting as the jar got more and more dirty cum in it and they really did spank her on her ass and send her out the door.. I am sure she was sitting on a pillow for the next few days... or maybe she just lived on the toilet for awhile... I don't know, but she got her ass reamed out like nothing you will have ever seen... this slut is becoming an ANAL DOUBLE FUCK SLUT!

Cast: Ty

Genre: Anal, Interracial, Sloppy Seconds

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